Who Am I?
My name is Jules. I am over 40 years of age and come from Merseyside, England
My other main interest is sport, (spectating not competing!) with Rugby League being my main passion. I also enjoy travelling, reading and watching films/tv

… the sites …
The “Collective” page has an updated list of my websites. Maintaining these website is my hobby. I enjoy researching the careers, and generally updating the websites. I also enjoy talking to other fans as I find it is a good way of gaining more information and knowledge. Getting online at the end of 1998 was a lifeline for a film nerd like me. Prior to this I had to depend on buying monthly film magazines and keeping a notebook full of the latest films coming up with my favourite film actors in. Once I came online one of the first things I did was to begin researching their careers and then creating mailing lists (using egroups then it changed to yahoo groups!) My first 6 websites were River Phoenix, Mark Harmon, Billy Crudup, George Newbern, Robert Downey Junior and Brittany Murphy and I also ran a successful yahoogroup for fans of Vincent D’Onofrio. These all came online around 2000. I have recently changed servers and now have to start from the beginning again, this will take time over the coming year, and hopefully the websites will be back bigger and better in no time! The sites concentrate on career only. I believe in every persons right to privacy and a “private” life so this site will focus on career only. My aim is to make the site as informative as possible. This is currently a “work in progress” and more will be added to the website and gallery through the year.

… goals …
My sister and I enjoy to travel and have a list of places we would eventually love to visit
in no particular order
* Rome
* Salzburg (including The Sound of Music tour)
* Tromso, Norway (including seeing the Northern Lights)
* Los Angeles (including staying @ Hollywood Roosevelt)
* Estes Park, Colorado (including staying @ Stanley Hotel)
* Alaska (including visiting Denali Park)
* African Safari
* Visit to Amazon Rainforest

Contact Me
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Social Media
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